General and Forensic Psychiatry


Office Practice Profile

The inspiration behind my office based practice was precipitated by early life readings of the elegant psychoanalytic theories proposed by Sigmund Freud and the creative work and intuitive thinking of Carl Jung.

                     Sigmund Freud Carl Jung

Training at the Duke University's Highland Hospital and Columbia University's Roosevelt and Presbyterian Hospitals, influences of practitioners such as Harry Stack Sullivan founder of the William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Institute became major influences in my practice techniques. Taking cues from Freda Fromm-Reichman's psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic teachings and Otto Kernberg's theories on personality development and specifically Borderline Personality Disorder, the foundations of my own eclectic methods in providing psychotherapy evolved.

                       Harry Stack SullivanFrieda Fromm ReichmannOtto Kernberg

While my clinical practice is closed to new patients, I continue the work with ongoing patients who seek significant change in their lives and adjustments to their environments and who are motivated to challenge themselves to achieve their most cherished goals. In addition to the psychotherapeutic environment, my practice offers integrated medication management when valuable or necessary. The goal with medication is to provide the most relevant psychopharmacology in an efficient manner with minimal dosages and exposure to achieve the maximum beneficial result. Used judiciously, medication can be an essential element in the appropriate and most comprehensive treatment regimens for many conditons, whether it be an anxiety, affective or thought based issue.